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Laser Facial Rejuvenation

There are several laser skin rejuvenation treatments on the aesthetic market, but at Soma Plastic Surgery we offer the DEKA SmartXide DOT for precise, targeted laser facial rejuvenation that can be completely customized for your individual skincare needs.

What is Laser Facial Rejuvenation?

At Soma Plastic Surgery, we understand that each individual skin condition is different and responds to different types of treatment. With the DEKA SmartXide DOT laser, your treatment can be completely personalized whether you need light or extensive correction.

Featuring unique, modulated superpulse technology, this innovative laser system benefits patients in multiple ways:

  • Depth precision: For treating visible signs of aging in the deeper dermal layers, this technology allows our medical team to target the laser energy exactly where it is needed the most.

  • Controlled thermal stimulation: Effective laser facial rejuvenation comes from applying the right amount of heat, and with the SmartXide, the amount of heat delivered to treated areas can be completely customized for optimal treatment.

  • Improved results: State-of-the-art design and SmartPulse control often creates better results than other laser treatments can offer.

  • Powerful technology: With the ability to deliver more ablative power to tissues than other laser treatments, the SmartXide offers multiple treatment patterns and options depending on your aesthetic goals.

How Does Laser Facial Resurfacing Work?

Once the laser energy penetrates below the skin surface, it converts to heat that has a tightening effect on existing collagen fibers in the skin and also stimulates the skin’s natural healing response to produce more collagen for continued improvements over time, creating smoother, softer, revitalized skin.

Is There Any Recovery?

The recovery time from SmartXide laser facial rejuvenation can be mild to moderate, depending on the extent of your treatment. Superficial skin resurfacing with the fractionated laser treatment pattern typically results in slight skin flushing or redness akin to a sunburn as the skin begins to heal itself, while more extensive and complete facial resurfacing may require a day or more of healing as the skin surface rejuvenates. Our medical team will advise you on how much recovery you may need depending on the type of skin correction that is required.