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Neck Lift

A neck lift is a surgical procedure that restores a tight, youthful appearance to skin under the chin and neck area which has lost elasticity and exhibits banding. It also corrects the heavy neck or double chin.

There are a number of procedures available to enhance the appearance of the neck. They range from very minimal in-office treatments with no downtime, to more invasive procedures requiring anesthesia and time off for recovery. Aging of the neck is usually a combination of loose skin and muscle and some excess fat.

Neck lift plastic surgery may include one of three procedures, depending on the type of defect and degree of sagging and heaviness of the neck of the individual.

Liposuction: Patient has good elasticity and only fat to correct

Cervicoplasty: Extreme loose skin and muscles and poor elasticity

Typically, a neck lift will include the removal of fat. Cervicoplasty may be included to tighten excess skin, and platysmaplasty to remove or tighten neck muscles, a process that gets rid of unwanted band lines. A neck lift may also be part of a combination treatment plan, in conjunction with a forehead lift, facelift, or eyelid surgery.