What Is Plasma Pen?

Plasma Pen is the newest cosmetic procedure to combat wrinkles, loss of collagen, and sagging skin. As we age, the dermal layer of our skin thins, we produce less collagen, and we lose elasticity. All of these factors produce sagging and wrinkling of the skin. The Plasma Pen is a soft-surgery procedure targeting a wide variety of skin conditions including loss of elasticity, sagging, and wrinkles that have been traditionally treated with fillers or plastic surgery. Most patients only require one treatment. This treatment will take 2-3 months to see full positive changes.  One treatment will last 3-5 years.

How Does The Plasma Pen Work?

The Plasma Pen is a handheld plasma application that can be used to treat a range of aesthetic concerns, particularly those caused by the aging process. By introducing plasma to your skin, this fibroblasting treatment simultaneously treats the epidermis and dermis.


Fibroblasts are cells of connective tissue that produce Type III collagen, which is one of the collagen types that provides skin with structure and strength. Plasma Pen gently heats fibroblasts directly to promote collagen production.

What Areas Can Be Treated?

Plasma Pen may be an effective choice to address:

  • Crows feet

  • Earlobes

  • Forehead lines

  • Jawlines

  • Jowls

  • Lower eyelids

  • Nasolabial folds

  • Necklines

  • Skin laxity or loose skin

  • Stretch marks

  • Tear troughs

  • Upper eyelids

When Can I Expect To See Results?

It’s a matter of time until the effects of the natural aging process will change your skin. Does a surgical procedure feel like the wrong choice for you and your lifestyle? It is no secret that our skin is not immune to the effects of time and their impact may cause frustrating changes. However, the Plasma Pen is an unparalleled treatment option for skin rejuvenation!