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What Is Fat Grafting?

There's no more natural way to enhance your appearance than with tissue from your own body. Referred to as fat transplantation, fat transfer and autologous lipografting or lipoaugmentation, fat grafting is the organic way to enhance your beauty. This treatment provides a versatile solution that can improve the appearance of the face, buttocks, and breasts.


Are you ready to find out how fat grafting can improve your appearance? Call our office in Lake Mary at 407-478-3151 to Schedule your consultation with Dr. Papanicolaou.

How Does Fat Grafting Work? 

Fat grafting procedure may involve local or general anesthesia, depending on the amount of fat transferred.


Dr. Papanicolaou will begin by using liposuction to carefully remove fat cells from those areas of your body with a little extra fat. Donor sites include typical problem areas such as your abdomen, love handles and thighs. Fat removed during breast reduction or tummy tuck may also be used. Then Dr. Papanicolaou purifies the removed fat cells and injects them into the area of desired enhancement.


Treatment will likely result in temporary swelling and bruising. All swelling should subside after about 1 to 2 months, at which point your physician will assess your results to determine whether you would benefit from repeat treatments.

Facial Fat Grafting:

Your face is obviously a very important aspect of your appearance. Wrinkles and lax skin can make you look aged, fatigued, sad or angry. The treatment adds youthful volume, smoothing out lines and wrinkles.


Common areas for facial fat grafting include:

  • Temples to fill in the hollows in the upper face and lift the brow

  • Outer Brow to help volumize and shape this area

  • Upper Eyelids to fill in hollowness with micronized fat

  • Lower Eyelids to replace lost volume and fill in the tear trough region

  • Cheeks to provide volume and shape to the cheeks

  • Deep Malar Space in the inner the cheek which is a high yield area for a youthful appearance

  • Nasolabial Folds which can be filled with fat

  • Lips to give lasting and natural volume

  • Lower Cheeks to fill in hollowness

  • Lower Face to help lift the corners of the mouth and prejowl region

Brazilian Butt Lift:

Whether genetics, pregnancy or weight changes gave you a flat or unshapely derriere, fat grafting can improve your lower-body contours. Dr. Papanicolaou can further accentuate your bottom by removing donor fat from strategic areas around your buttocks, such as your waist, muffin top area and thighs. 

Fat Grafting For Breast:

As an alternative to breast implants, your doctor can enlarge your breasts and improve shape more naturally and less invasively using your own fat. Benefits include very little to no scarring and a quicker recovery than with breast augmentation using implants.

Recovery After Fat Grafting:

Patients may experience mild discomfort and swelling for about one week, although these side effects usually subside on their own. The final result is usually appreciated at four weeks. The donor site where the fat is harvested from may have minor swelling and bruising which may last for about 1 week. 


Most patients can return to work and other normal activities within one to two days after the procedure, although exercise and other strenuous activities should be avoided for a bit longer. Recovery from full face fat grafting and the other combined procedures may take longer.


Depending on the amount of fat injected, patients may require multiple treatments over time to maintain their desired results though fat is long lasting. 

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