Introduction to B12 Injections

Vitamin B12 shots have become more and more integrated into personal wellness over the last few years. As our knowledge and usage of B12 injections have improved, this treatment has been the remedy for proper performance of many vital metabolic and hormonal functions, which also includes the production of enzymes essential for digestion and transporting nutrients in and out of cells. For some, the injection has become a temporary wellness trend or an essential part of overall health. To learn more about how Soma Plastic Surgery has been helping our patients in the Orlando area, please keep reading below.

What are B12 Injections?

The amount of vitamin B12 your body needs depends on your age. Most people can get enough vitamin B12 in foods they eat already, such as fish, meat poultry, eggs, dairy products, and foods that are fortified with B12. However, according to the National Institutes of Health, upwards of 15% of people are deficient in vitamin B12 and some studies indicate that number may be higher.

People may be deficient in vitamin B12 if they don’t eat animal products, or if their body does not absorb it well naturally. People who are deficient in vitamin B12 are often prescribed B12 shots. This method is a very effective way of reversing or preventing a deficiency because it allows for 100% absorption directly into the tissues. These days, vitamin B12 shots have even become popular in people without vitamin deficiency.

  • Boost the immune system
  • Help improve sleep patterns
  • Help with weight loss
  • Improve mood
  • Increase concentration
  • Increase energy levels and combat fatigue
  • Possibly help with hair growth or stop hair loss
  • Speed up metabolism

What are the Benefits of B12 Injections?

B12 shots can provide our patients with so many benefits. Below are just some that we have seen our Lake Mary and Orlando area patients discover from their treatments:

  • Assists other vitamins
  • Better memory retention and slows down memory loss
  • Can aid with pregnancy
  • Helps against anxiety and depression
  • Helps improve your sleeping pattern
  • Improves metabolism and supports weight loss
  • Improves bone durability
  • Increases red blood cell production
  • Promotes eye health
  • Provides you with healthier hair, skin, and nails
  • Strengthens immune system

Who are the Best Candidates for the B12 Injection Treatment?

Although the injections of Vitamin B12 are only available by prescription following a low-level diagnosis, the best candidates for this treatment can be anyone. Below are some characteristics that make for an ideal candidate:

  • Have certain digestive disorders
  • Keep a positive attitude throughout the treatments
  • Maintain realistic results
  • Older adults with less acid in their stomachs
  • People who have had gastrointestinal surgery
  • Pregnant and lactating vegetarian women and their infants
  • Strict vegetarians and vegans (helps maintain internal levels)

In addition, the dosage of B12 is based on the medical condition and response to treatment. Usually, B12 injections may be given daily on the first start of treatment. Certain medical conditions may require you to continue receiving injections every month. All patients must be evaluated by Dr. Papanicolaou before receiving a B12 injection at Soma Plastic Surgery.

What’s the First Step?

The first step in getting B12 Injections in Orlando or Lake Mary, FL is to contact Soma Plastic Surgery and schedule your consultation. When you come into our practice, you will meet with either Dr. Papanicolaou or one of our trained Providers.

During your initial consultation, you will discuss your current lifestyle and medical history, ask questions about the treatment, and talk about your options. Once you have been deemed a good candidate for B12 injections, your provider will create your treatment plan. Most patients can begin their treatments immediately after their plan is made. If for any reason you wish to reschedule to another day, our Patient Coordinator can help you pick a day and time more suitable for you.

What to Expect from B12 Injections

If you enjoy the effects of your B12 injection, you will be able to continue using them for the rest of your life, unless advised by a medical professional. Every person has different needs though, so it’s important to pay attention to your body when deciding how often to get injections. You may get several shots the first week or two after, but then decrease the frequency to once a month, while still maintaining the benefits. Once you begin noticing longer-lasting results, we may encourage you to switch to a six-week interval, then increase it to two months between shots.

There are a few things that can make your B12 injection less effective or shorten the length of time you can enjoy the benefits. People with certain liver disorders may need the shot more often. If you do not eat a diet rich in B12 vitamins or drink alcohol regularly, you may need to supplement with an injection sooner rather than later. To prolong the effects of the extra boost, be sure to eat a well-balanced diet that includes fish, beef, liver, eggs, dairy, and foods fortified with B vitamins, and limit your consumption of alcohol.

In most cases, an injection of vitamin B12 is going to make you feel fantastic. Right after you receive the shot, however, you may see some slight skin irritation at the injection site. Redness and swelling may occur, and the area may be painful for a few hours. Give yourself the time to avoid vigorous activity right after the treatment to minimize these side effects.

You may also experience some other reactions immediately after the injection is administered. The sudden increase in B12 can cause nausea, dizziness, and headaches when first injected into the muscle. The human body is usually quick to adjust, though, so these symptoms should fade soon afterward.

Generally, the risk of B12 toxicity or overdose is only low, but keep in mind that vitamin B12 shots may probably give other side effects. It’s recommended to seek medical advice if experiencing the following or if these issues persist or worsen:

  • Mild diarrhea
  • Redness and pain at the injection site
  • Swelling sensation in the body
  • Temporary itching of the skin

There may also be a risk of:

  • Anaphylaxis (body goes into shock)
  • Congestive heart failure
  • Peripheral vascular thrombosis (involves blood clots)
  • Polycythemia vera (a type of blood cancer)
  • Pulmonary edema (too much fluid in the lungs)

If you begin experiencing difficulty breathing, swelling, and hives, patients must seek emergency medical help. If experiencing anaphylaxis, or a severe allergic reaction, we encourage you to seek immediate medical advice, whether that be through our practice or your physician.

Megadoses of up to 2,000 mcg are considered safe in treating a B12 deficiency, but it’s best to avoid excessive amounts of any vitamins, especially when not needed. Daily high doses of B12 may not likely cause harm in most people, but extremely high doses should possibly be avoided unless a healthcare professional prescribes it.

Common Symptoms Of Vitamin B12 Deficiency

Eating a well-rounded, nutrient-rich diet should provide all the B12 their body needs for those not at risk for B12 deficiency. Sources of vitamin 12 would come from red meat, eggs, seafood, poultry, milk, yogurt, fortified cereals, non-dairy milk, and nutritional yeast.

Anyone who has signs and symptoms of a vitamin B12 deficiency or pernicious anemia should consult a doctor. The signs and symptoms of vitamin B12 deficiency may include:

  • Constipation
  • Dementia
  • Difficulty thinking and remembering
  • Fatigue
  • Heart palpitations
  • Infertility
  • Low appetite
  • Mood changes
  • Numbness and tingling in the hands and feet
  • Pale skin
  • Sore tongue
  • Weight loss
How Much

How Much Do B12 Injections Cost in Orlando?

The cost of B12 Injections in Orlando will depend entirely on the number of injections you will need, but on average, B12 is sold for around $90 for a supply of 25 milliliters. The best way to find out how much your treatment will cost is to come into Soma and have an initial consultation. Once your provider determines your needs and creates your treatment plan, our Patient Coordinator will be able to provide you with a more accurate cost. Please keep in mind that this pricing can change depending on several factors, but most importantly, how your body reacts to the injections.

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Why Choose Soma Plastic Surgery?

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If you’re looking to improve your daily life and give yourself the natural boost your body needs, B12 injections from Soma Plastic Surgery in Lake Mary (just 30 minutes north of Orlando) could be just what the doctor ordered! To get your body regulated and back in tip-top shape, we encourage you to contact our office with a phone call or use our website to request an appointment. Our team can’t wait to meet you and help you achieve overall harmony with just a few injections.

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